SMC Fake Zones + InsideBar

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This indicator is useful for whom trade with "Smart Money Concept (SMC)" strategy.
It helps SMD traders to identify fake or weak zones in the chart, So they can avoid taking position in this zones.

This indicator marks "Asia session" as well as "London and New York's Lunch Time (one hour before London and NY session starts)" zones.
It also marks Inside Bar candles which SMC trades consider as order flow. You can mark every Inside Bar or only those with opposite color via setting options.

*** As we know in SMC rules
1- Supply and Demand zones in "Asia session and Lunch Times" are fake zones for SMC trading and price will engulf them in most of times.
2- "Asia session high and low" has huge liquidity and usually price sweep that in London session.

This indicator will helps traders to visually identify those Fake zones and Asia session liquidity.

* You can change session times based on your time zone in settings.
* You can set options to show all Inside Bars or only with Opposite color in settings.
Update changes:
* Checkbox for each session to shows on the chart or not
* Asia session and Lunch times' update


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