High Low Index SPY Top 40

Modification from original code for "High Low Index" by © LonesomeTheBlue - Made modification specifically for Top 40 AMEX:SPY holdings
- Added Market sentiment histogram (Total count green vs red), and SMA line for it
- Added arrows for peaks and dips on High Low Index and Market Sentiment MA

Idea behind this indicator is that SPY should follow the overall sentiment of its top holdings. I believe this bring great value to SPY traders.

發布通知: corrected an offset error on the blue line.
發布通知: fixed another offset error on the Record High Percent line
發布通知: I am such a noob~ can't get an offset right. This should fix the scaling error. Everything should be scaled from -40 to 40.

If you make $$$ off it, consider donating some of your juicy gain :)
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