[Excalibur] Pivoted Automatic Breakout Trend Lines

As I will elaborate further, lines and linearity are everywhere in the our thoughts, words, objects, and nature. For example, in our youth, drawing lines on paper, ascribing them in the dirt, and using them to perfect hand writing is common occurrences in life everyone has experienced. Our minds are uniquely adaptable to envision linearities in many natural or abstract objects, including facial geometry. That's how we easily recognize each other in person. For decades, along our path on roadways to and from our destinations, road lines have long safely guided us. Common phrases are "get in line", "walk the line", "line of duty", and "finish line" in English. Gazing upon the earth's line of horizon on calm wide open ocean standing upon the shoreline, it is easily visible and it has curvature. Sorry to break it to you flat earthers.

Multitudes of agreed upon lines define nationally recognized boundaries on maps for very specific reasons. Some lines are just simply not meant to be crossed and are purposefully intended to be respected. Even at the time of this original release, lines are being "crossed" on unimaginable and tragic scales, forming a trend of devastation of lives and livelihoods. On occasion in human history, border lines have to be redefined, especially when a godvernment no longer represents the WILL of a vast geographic majority of it's citizens . When puppet representatives and misleaders only have a self serving interest to put their citizens most treasured values, grievances, and souls in the grave, succession is a matter of last resort and it's often statistically speaking 101% necessary.

As an American, from my opinionated perspective assessing the situation, I welcome the ancestral people of Donetsk and Luhansk to the world stage, being independent to choose their own destinies and fates, because all that Ukraine wishes to do with them year, after year, after year is render them as subjugates or use them for target practice. And that isn't right! The way 2021+ is heading, by the year 2100 I suspect every continental map is going to have new lines on them.

Many recorded instances throughout history detailing the use of lines, has endured centuries of time. The ancient origins and study of "Euclidean geometry" would have been performed scribbling in the ground, preferably in sand. The Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria, the founder of geometry, most probably spent a great deal of his life doing this in order to pass his bold ideas onto future generations.

Before Euclid's time, Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae drew their lines in the sand with their swords adhering to the infamous words "Molon Labe" (come and take ). These disciples of agoge, born and destined for rigorous entrainment were bound by duty, no retreat, no surrender. Hundreds of Spartan sigma males held the line for as long as they could for the security of their free peoples. In almost every case of Spartan history the imperative notion of holding the battle lines was absolutely necessary at all costs, regardless of the carnage delivered from their enemy adversaries, including the unrelenting hordes of invasion commanded by the tyrant Xerxes. ALL gave some on those days.

Over two millennia later, Colonel William Travis at the Alamo carved a line in the ground for able men to decide which side of history they would reside on. History has an awfully bad habit of repeating itself, as it is always told in forewarnment. Lines have always been pertinent, decisive, and always shall be. A world without lines, would make our grasp of understanding and existence nearly impossible to carry on civilization.

The versatility of lines are every where imaginable in this 21st century. A short list of their applications are in art, design, engineering, architecture, demarcation, and they are always, always ever pervasive in computer graphics. Without a doubt, lines are now pinnacle to having the ability to make our charting possible in order to recognize trends. Here in this script's application I intended them to automatically reveal geometry, trends, and breakout zones.

When I originally encountered my discovery of TradingView's existence, the very first thing I was doing, was to naturally draw lines across the price action pivot points in search of identifiable opportunities. Three years later, I have now finalized my vision of automatically drawing an ample amount of them by harnessing the "Power of Pine" in version 5. As you will soon see, utilization of this script will reveal hidden geometry that is otherwise typically unforeseen.

Programmatically drawing lines on top of numeric chaos has been an arduous task, taking me over a year to stabilize this code to my liking. The possibilities of automatically drawing lines on market price action could in theory actually result into hundreds per chart pane. This script does have a limitation of 60 line segments/rays maximum. I have gone to great lengths to accomplish this feat, just to arrive at 60 per overlay indicator. Beyond that, I am experiencing limitations of Pine. Because of the amount of work required to finalize this indicator, this is one of my "Excalibur" indicators. I literally had to pull this code from the deepest recesses of my mind. I would classify this kind of indicator as a weapon of mass financial creation, so I'm offering it's availability to all members .

Segments/rays may be computationally drawn as far back as 5000 bars into the chart's history, but no more than that are to be expected. Only one line will occur from pivot point to pivot point . All duplicate line occurrences computed are not redrawn over another, as I ensured by filtration this would not happen. Numerous adjustments are present to handle a majority of expectations and the numerous visual acuities of members . I envision many thousands of members utilizing this script's versatility as a visual aid to help guide them along their path of trading assessments and decisiveness.

Having the ability to recognize geometry in price movements is ultra handy in relation to directional trending and channeling arrangements especially. Trends are guaranteed at some unknown point in time to breakout, and form new trends or cycles. I employed a fire and ice color duo to differentiate between the upper trend lines from the lower trend lines . It seemed to be most visible without interfering too often with other indicators. These can be changed to any color combo you desire in Settings. Additional line preferences are provided to support your tailored experience while having other indicators present in the overlay pane. It may even be configured to only display two lines at a minimum. By doing so, you can really focus and fine tune Settings for just these two segments/rays with very specific refined tweaks.

One caveat of detecting pivots , is that they aren't recognized until after they have formed. Always remember that pivot points aren't instantaneously discoverable until their full form is computationally apparent in the form of a chevron . Technically describing the pivot detection is beyond normal comprehension and to difficult to explain in this description. I will also say, viewing this on a 4K display resolution reveals the best view. If you wish to use more than one instance of this indicator in the overlay for more than 60 lines at a time, go right ahead. However it may become messy.

P.S. This script and it's description was partially inspired by Twisted Sister's song "We're Not Gonna Take It"


My scripts and indicators are specifically intended for informational and educational use only. This script uses historical data points to perform calculations to derive real-time calculations. They do not infer, indicate, or guarantee future results or performance.

By utilizing this script/indicator or any portion of it, you agree to accept 100% responsibly and liability for your investment or financial decisions, and I will not be held liable for your subjective analytic interpretations incurring sustained monetary losses. The opinions and information visual or otherwise provided by this script/indicator is not investment advice, nor does it constitute recommendation.