Relative Daily Change% by SUMIT

"Relative Daily Change%" Indicator (RDC)

The "Relative Daily Change%" indicator compares a stock's average daily price change percentage over the last 200 days with a chosen index.
It plots a colored curve. If the stock's change% is higher than the index, the curve is green, indicating it's doing better. Red means the stock is under-performing.

This indicator is designed to compare the performance of a stock with specific index (as selected) for last 200 candles.
I use this during a breakout to see whether the stock is performing well with comparison to it`s index. As I marked in the chart there was a range zone (red box), we got a breakout with good volume and it is also sustaining above 50 and 200 EMA, the RDC color is also in green so as per my indicator it is performing well. This is how I do fine-tuning of my analysis for a breakout strategy.

You can select Index from the list available in input
**Line Color Green = Avg Change% per day of the stock is more than the Selected Index
**Line Color White = Avg Change% per day of the stock is less than the Selected Index

If you want details of stocks for all index you can ask for it.

Disclaimer : **This is for educational purpose only. It is not any kind of trade recommendation/tips.

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