AAPL The Big Picture And What You Should Know!

The fate of AAPL will depend on its ER upcoming week. If it doesn't go up, it will see 126 as history has shown. This is the reason why its so thrilling to me trading this stock at this time. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.
評論: https://aipatterns.tickeron.com/Content/... It seems like 3 rising valleys to me! which is mega bullish. If it doesn't gain tomorrow, I will call myself dummy for the rest of my life.
its better to just watch the action after the ER in my opinion. the direction is not going to be dictated by chart technicals - instead earning numbers and reactions. After the ER you will have a days to trade it which ever direction it plans to go...if it goes high it will go very high...if it tanks..it could tank another 10 points...either way you will have the next day to trade it without ER report risk.
@davvito, I completely agree. However, I am taking a complete advantage of this dip. Just bought a lot of call options just to dump during the er. The price action on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday should be bullish :D
davvito Avasreader
@Avasreader, i would rather see how the day starts Monday and then get some calls...but yah good luck!
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