BITCOIN ALERT - About to Fall!

NOTE (It's Just an Alert Based on public affairs do not consider them to be an actual Investment recommendations, ask your experts in order to protect your Investments)
Thank you!
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交易進行: Minor consolidation EXPECTED at 6500
交易結束:目標達成: Expected Range 1 (HIT 6,400)
Next Level is Expected to be (5,400)
Than we'll go Long!
交易結束:目標達成: SNIPER SHOT RANGE 2 HIT, Straight Bounce of 5,600 Level
(More Information for BULLISH Insights will be updated)
Nailed it!!!
Super DOPE ^_^
I just saw this chart and clicked 'play'.

Lol - amazing. Well spotted. :)
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@DVemer, Thank you!
damn, your prediction is always rightt! keep up the good work!!
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BloomFisher lolnopls
@lolnopls, Thank you for your support!
You were right. I ll follow you mate.
+1 回覆
Hey @DrStein, Time always tell and differ the flags out, Thanks for your Interest!
You were right!
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