Philakone is MAD! Know your ELLIOT WAVE-Theory now!

Dear Friends!

D4rkEnergy is back with an educational post about Elliot Wave-Theory. Yesterday, Philakone, a famous crypto-trader and TA-educator, was calling out one of the Top Authors in here, because he could not figure out how to draw lines. Philakone wrote the following on Twitter:

"How to NOT draw Elliot Waves. it blows me away... this guy has one of the highest reputations on tradingview, and his elliot wave is shit. Ignoring the most BASIC rule of elliot wave in zig zags..."

D4 is not here to create drama. D4 is not here to get enemies. D4 is only here to spread love and wisdom. He wants everyone to have success, therefore he decided to make this basic guide to Elliot Wave Theory. It is pretty complex if we go into the smallest details, but let us keep it basic for now.

We are here looking at the 30 min BTCUSD Chart.


Ralph Nelson Elliott developed the Elliott Wave Theory in the late 1920s. He believed that stock markets was traded in repetitive waves and cycles. According to Investopedia this method gained popularity in the 1970s. Traders try to identify these waves and patterns, because it can help them predict the market.

- 1 Cycle contains in total of 8 waves. 5 waves (1-5), which follows the trend, and then a correction pattern A, B, C. We also call this a 5-3 pattern.
- Wave 1, 3, and 5 are impulse waves up
- 2 and 4 are correction waves down
- A, B, C are the correction

As you can see, Inside every wave we can have smaller waves, also called sub waves.

Basic rules:

1. Wave 4 always have to be above wave 1.
2. Wave 3 can never be the shortest.

If these rules are broken, we have what we call an Elliot Wave failure. And therefore it is not a real Elliot Wave Cycle.

This was a really short introduction. D4 encourage you guys to dig deeper into this!

D4 loves you <3

And as always. Please follow D4 and give a LIKE, if you liked the analysis. It is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, my friends!

No hate here at all. D4rkEnergY loves Philakone and all the other Top Authors in here. So please refrain from any kind of drama. We all make mistakes.

評論: All the guidelines:

• Impulse wave subdivide into 5 waves. In Figure 2, the impulse move is subdivided as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5in minor degree
• Wave 1, 3, and 5 subdivision are impulse. The subdivision in this case is ((i)), ((ii)), ((iii)), ((iv)), and ((v)) in minute degree.
• Wave 2 can’t retrace more than the beginning of wave 1
• Wave 3 can not be the shortest wave of the three impulse waves, namely wave 1, 3, and 5
• Wave 4 does not overlap with the price territory of wave 1
• Wave 5 needs to end with momentum divergence

評論: Update on ETHEREUM and Elliot Wave-failure.

評論: A clarifying update. I can see, that a few people believe that, this is also D4s prediction for how BTC will behave in the future. This is only for educational purpose to show how Elliot Waves behave, and how to follow the guidelines. We just used the BTCUSD Chart as an example.

It also came to D4s attention, that somebody disagree, with which wave we are on. And that is really great!

We always want to keep our eyes open for all opportunities. There are both arguments for we are on Wave 4 now. There are also good arguments for why we are in the middle of an ABC-correction.


- D4 is everywhere
- D4 predicts everything
評論: Update from earlier - are YOU a good Forecaster? Stay tuned. You will soon get the 2 most likely Bitcoin-scenarios.

評論: The 2 most likely Bitcoin-scenarios. And The Chosen Ones!

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Philakone does know ew, you don't.

You better follow the million dollar challenge:

+1 回覆
thnx dude. well done.
Still rockin' it on March 6. Bravo
Who was Philakone talking about? Poop?
Dark with a 4, I am happy to have just found you. Thank you for this. I am just about to start trading and like to know when I am learning from brilliance.
Good shit man!!
I think i will start my trading off with your recs.
I think BTC will likely retest the 9.4K 9.2K levels, see:

cajimbi cajimbi
@cajimbi, wave 5/5 inc taking us to target
Just for clarification... I have never really understood Elliot wave theory. But once it runs it's course through (C) does that become the new (1) for a new wave?
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