2 Bitcoin-Scenarios You Need to Know About - The Chosen Ones!

Hi Friends!

Do you guys remember who said, that we would reach 11,4k? Do you guys remember who said, when everyone was celebrating 11,8k, that we HAD to go down under 10,000 USD? D4rkEnergY did! And do you know how he did it? Because he is everywhere in the Universe.

He makes space expand and even accelerate. Now it's your turn, my friends. D4rkEnergY will soon make 100 of you guys rich. But only 100! He will make your investments explode - 10x, 20x, 50x! You have probably already been thinking, who is this D4rkEnergY?! Where is he from? How will he do it?

Don't worry... not everyone has the capacity! He will decide. He makes the decisions. He will soon find the CHOSEN ONES...

So we are back with the 2 (3) most likely Bitcoin-scenarios out there. We are at this exact moment taking a look at the 4h BTCUSD Chart.

1. We have what D4rkEnergY call the 55 % scenario in blue. This is probably the most likely outcome. We here assume we are on the 4th Elliot Wave , and in the process of retracement. I want you to take notice of the red volume bars. They are becoming smaller. 11 bars ago we were at 2 times the MA20 volume . Now we are on the average. This makes perfectly sense, cause we are in a descending wedge , so the bears are slowly losing momentum. Expect therefore also, that we soon will have a breakout. Look at the yellow dots. The inverse HS pattern in green will hopefully help us further up.

2. Then we have the 45 % scenario in purple. This is also a likely scenario. We here assume, that we are in process of an ABC-correction. If we take a look from a macro-level, this is the most like scenario. According to Elliot Wave Theory, the guidelines suggest, that we have to retrace more than 50 % of the Cycle. Therefore we will probably go down to the purple rectangle , before we will restart a new Cycle.

3. And finally we have the 5 %-scenario in red. This is very unlikely. Some crazy FA-stuff has to pop up in the equation before this will happen.

Love from D4 <3

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評論: Who stole D4rkEnergYs last 5 percent on the Chart? D4 will give you a reward if you can find them!
評論: D4rkEnergY wants that you guys start to think like chess players or poker players. You always want to think in multiple lines, variants and combinations. In fact, when it comes to trading, there are ALWAYS an infinite amount of different outcomes. Literally speaking.

So our task is always to figure out which lines are the most plausible.

Do you guys remember, when everyone was celebrating the bulls and 11,8k, when D4 said we had to go down to 10k USD? And do you guys remember, when everyone said that 9,9k, 9,7k and 9,6k were the perfect retracement zones?

D4rkEnergY warned you! He tried to explain Elliot Wave Theory and Fibonacchi Ratio Relationship to you. And he also tried explain it from a Psychological point of view.

When D4rkEnergY said in this post some days ago, that an optimal retracement would be 9,1k-9,3k it was not just random numbers.

This is all calculated and every single factor is in his equation. This chart was made under the assumptions, that Scenario 1 was played out.

It clearly shows, as I predicted, that we need a decent retracement well under 10k before we can up again.

評論: With help from a bear flag, the bears are at this very moment trying to break out of the descending wedge.

We first have an Elliot Wave failure when we go under 9,100! And the 55 % Scenario will no longer be in play.
評論: Enjoy the update: The Not So convincing Morning Star. We here have a close up, at the 4h BTCUSD chart.

A real Morning Star, is a bullish pattern, which end with a Doji-Candle in a downtrend (only wig) followed by a green Marubozu-candle.

It means, that the downtrend will end, and we can expect an uptrend. Even though our Morning Star is not that convincing, we can see that we are changing direction.

If the bulls have to succeed in the 55 % scenario, we usually soon want to see a steep uptrend. The bulls WILL NOT succeed if they try to make this into a grind.

It will definetely be an exiting day... D4 will follow up on this later!


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We got a breakout.
nice work.
Great analysis as usual. I am always looking forward to reading your analysis. Great learning. Keep it up and thanks very much for the wonderful work! I'm a big fan, reading each of your chart analysis and following you on Twitter as well. (I'm @summitstrading ) A pity I didn't discover you earlier!
Sorry I clicked by accident, thought you were that shit gun guy.
+2 回覆
as an holder, im happy to see optimistic people but the daily chart looks bad. Very bad. And the weekly doesnt feel good too
@D4rkEnergY i love you too, but Scenario 1 looking bleak. We could break lower support any minute. The bulls usually return when Wall Street comes back to work on Monday. Not confident we can hold that long.
Love ya D4!
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so we going up now D4rk?
+6 回覆
These are the only two articles we need to figure out.

Time told us what our masters were going to do here (exactly what limits to set):


they're doing it again here:


19600, 6000, 9800..... i haven't figured out if the extra zero in october was the missing zero in Elon's article and we're 25,550 or 2,555 next...

This is heavy manipulation.
ashc0in boarphomet
@boarphomet, ...Missing 0?
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