Bitcoin 200.000$ in 2018

From Intcomm Fund Inc. we expect more than 13.000% revalorization of Bitcoin             in 2018.

In the long term, we expect Bitcoin             will cost 1 trillion dollars, but, due to the devaluation of usd dollar, 1 trillion will be less than you could think now. You can read the full article in the link
Now I'm sure the bubble is gonna pop.
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where is the article !!
haha awesome!! if we catch the highs and lows we can make 2 million !! roughly / approx.... haha !! long live bitcoin !!!
intcommfund Benjamix
@Benjamix, Hello Benjamix. In full bull trends, for a long term investment, technical analisys is unnecesary, while fundamental it's crucial. You can read here the article that explain the fundamental . Have a nice day
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Benjamix PRO intcommfund
Hell yeahhhh !! full bullish !! level DIOS !! haha !! Top of the world to you @intcommfund sir !!
I'm just a humble engineer investing / gambling on my favourite stallion !!
Don't buy into fake news !! This is the redistribution of wealth the Gnostics have been crapping on about for the last century !!
Cheers to our freedom from the constriction of the deadly economic python that is today !! but it is in it's last throws !! as we the legends of tomorrow invest in the peer to peer economy born from anonymity and open source and a kind heart !!! trampling it to it's death !!! hahaha !! long live the evolution of man !! haha
Long live the ancient bulls of bitcoin !!! hahaha !!!
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