Bitcoin retracement

For mid-term monitoring.
Significant levels and market triggering zones.
Could you briefly explain the PFE and OBV indicators please? I'm just starting to recognise and pick up on the basics of fractals. It'd be good to understand the indicators a little bit, never seen them before. Your charts are exquisite.
Can you please explain
Failed to breakout the trendline and dropping to the lower edge at 5905. Hope this time we reach lower price to get a better bounce...
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fract caimano
@caimano, I absolutely agree with you!
do you use Tradingview to chart? because it kind of looks different :)
fract AsmaHassan
@AsmaHassan, nice question. I've spent some time modifying all configurations of tools considering my views to make it look at least decent.
@investa, Thanks because certainly your's from all charts i have seen does look decent. I think im going to do the same! any tips?
fract AsmaHassan
@AsmaHassan, Nice to hear that! Start by changing the candles. For the rest just use dark or dimmed colours to avoid fireworks. Bright is used for highlighting important parts. Imagine it's a picture and you need to make it look pleasant, painters don't usually throw up all default colour shades onto a paper. : )
I mean it's up to your taste. There is no wrong or right way, it's your way.
@investa, Thanks a Million, will do :)
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