Correction ABC
評論: Broke resistance line
評論: Friends, I dont change my vision, I look the same way - down. Bitcoin fell without bad news, the market was overheated typed by a tether. if after this fall bitcoin and alts go to new highs I admit my mistake. but the feeling is strange. Like someone is trying to deceive me.
評論: I admit my mistake
評論: Thank you guys for support words. I will rest 1-2 days. I'm back in the game


thank you for the great analysis
don't worry, I take profits at 11111 USD on Bitfinex and decided to have 2-3 days off as the market is unpredictable. Still a lot of new cash is coming from newbies, so charts don't matter (for a while)
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Dear @EXCAVO , been following you for nearly about a year now, and have seen countless great trades that you have posted. Anyone who hateposts here is obviously not have followed you over a month, and / or dumb enough to put more than they can afford on a single trade. The question that has to be asked is:

If you haters know that @EXCAVO 's analyses are that bad, then why the hell did you gamble all your money on his trades!?

Please don't let negative comments get to you. This community ows you much, I find it simply unfair. And would like to thank you for all your hard work, and great TA's.
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Don't worry Excavo. We can't call them all right. The crypto market is unpredictable.
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rmetz KellyBacile
@KellyBacile, that's fully right , Just if you think it goes down it goes higher.
Bitcoin has now an RSI of 82 so I think it will fall down hard ...but when?
That is the problem to trade with Bitcoin.
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@rmetz, @KellyBacelis I gave up selling BTC and trying to rebuy lower... I'm all-in long term and whatever happens, happens... eyes closed
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rmetz scottialex
@scottialex, that's the best you can do , with normal shares you sell at this point and you look at MACD lines and RSI.
But it's not working on BTC because MACD lines are not crossing each other.
The only thing : have patience and buy on a low dip.
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I appreciate your expert advice, is impossible to be always right. Thank you a lot
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