FINALLY! The TRUTH About BITCOIN - This Is What Will Happen Now!

Dear Friends <3

D4rkEnergY is back - I will make a bold prediction - we all know that it has been very hard the last couple of weeks. I will do my best though. Let's jump in!

We are here taking a look at the 1D BTCUSD Chart.

I've counted all the Elliott Waves and the subwaves. Geez... But everything seems finally to make sense now. Maybe not tomorrow if Bitcoin chose to bounce to 20,000 USD. Let''s see.

1-5 Waves up, an ABC-correction, and ONE more. According to my prediction, we are right now on the 2nd Primary Wave B and also on Sub-wave B. I have drawn 2 upper trendlines to determine our target for now, which also perfectly match when the RSI will hit it's upper trendline , which is very close to the oversold zone.

We can therefore expect a bounce at 6,650-6,500 USD, where we will ride subwave C up to around 7,6k to 7,700 USD. Hereafter we need to finish our 2nd Primary Elliot Wave C down to 6,000 USD.

D4 Loves You <3

Please give a LIKE, it would mean so much to me, and encourage me to make more charts for you guys :)

評論: 100 dollars down since my post. And look how everything so far match my prediction. A bear flag has formed, which probably will take us down to my support zone, where I expect a bounce!

Please give a LIKE for the updates - Hugs and kisses <3

評論: LOL... That was accurate. Bounce exactly between my 2 lines :)

That deserves a LIKE <3 Let see, if we can ride that subwave C all the way up 7,600-7,700 USD.

評論: All time frames looks good. Daily, 4h and here we have 2h. Bullish MACD-Cross. Basically everything is pointing up.

Only a sick bull trap can fxxx us. We have seen that before. But don't let it scare you, that we are dropping a bit in price now. It's normal to have more than a 50 % retrace on the 2nd EW.

D4 Loves you - please give a LIKE for the updates!

評論: PUSH ffs... inverse HS. All time frames are perfect! What are you waiting for bulls?

評論: We went up to 6,936 with help from the inverse HS pattern, but really quickly after the bears took us down again.

Right now we have a bull flag on the 2h, which is pretty good. But the 4h is showing a lot of indecisiveness at the moment.


評論: I hope I don't spam you too much with all my updates - the market is really hard to predict at the moment. If we take a look at the 4h chart, it also shows a lot of indecisiveness.

Is it a pennant? If so it's a bearish sign after a steep downtrend, or are we in a descending wedge, which will confirm what the 2h chart says, that a bull flag will rise.

D4 <3

評論: The steep downtrend followed by a pennant won, and we are going down, which make my 7,600 USD less likely now.

We need to hold 78,6 % retrace on the 1st subwave which is equal to 6,640 USD. If we fall under here, everything will become very d4rk!

D4 <3

評論: Boom! What a bounce from just under 78,6 % retrace. But, but, but.. IF we don't get above 6,9k very soon we will go back due to hidden bearish divergence - it will indeed be tough for the bulls.

LASTLY: I really find it funny. Dear friends, try to look down in the comments. As soon as my prediction were about to fail the same 10 haters instantly felt the urge to go in and hate. Haha...

They must really feel bad with them self, since that is basically what these guys are living for. Guys, don't worry - it's ok - just hate, and tell how bad I am, if it makes you feel better with your self - Love you <3

評論: Good evening, guys!

So as you can see a BIIG bear flag has formed, which is a bearish sign. The Bulls HAVE to escape and go up, otherwise it will just be a matter of time before we will fall in a steep downtrend.

Please give this chart a LIKE, and I will very soon make a new chart for you guys. Thank you in advance :)

評論: The Update is Here: This time a more humble D4rkEnergY!

WOW! The LIE About BITCOIN -This Is What Will Happen Now- MAYBE!

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Well thought out analysis. Lol at all the jackasses saying you are wrong...this is not a perfect science people...some of these retards are doing extremely well to manage to find their way from the bed to the computer
Bitcoin playing these "experts" like a fiddle
You don’t know shit jackass lol
+9 回覆
wow, precise so far
Btc is goin down again mate..keeps rejecting price at 6800..30% gain is better..
people buying into these FOMO are making the whales rich. just sit on the side for now..BTC hasn't even began to consolidate yet. we have much more downward trend. the 6k support line WILL fail. DCA around 3k-4.5k to be safe. The info is out there and Trading view is not a reliable source because there are too many "pros" who aren't being honest or spreading FOMO to make some profit.
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