Digibyte (DGB) Hard Fork Coming (200%+ Profits Potential)

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Digibyte ( DGB ) is another of our good friends. Very easy to trade and always very profitable to us.

We have an open trade for Digibyte and we are in huge profits for this one, yet, another opportunity has been made available to all of us.

Here are the upcoming events for Digibyte ( DGB ):

-> Hard Fork - 21 June.
-> New Exchange Listing - 30 June.

DGB does not need any events to go up in price, but with a hard fork coming, we can expect good action in the near future. The charts are showing that nobody really wants to sell and there is still plenty of room left available for growth.

Digibyte Hard Fork Trade by Alan Masters


Buy in: up to 490

DGB Targets:

(1) 515
(2) 575
(3) 635
(4) 760
(5) 880
(6) 1155
(7) 1655

Stop loss: 380

Allocation: Up to 10% of your capital. It can be 2% as it can be 9% or 10%, it is up to you. I always put a good amount on this coin because it always pays off good.

Enjoy your profits... when they come.

評論: DGB can breakout soon, might only take a few days. It can go up or down, this is a neutral pattern:
評論: We are breaking up...

交易結束:達到停損點: Stop hit. Trade closed.
評論: DigiByte Long Term Trade:
評論: If the market moves, DGB will move... That's how the charts are looking.

(Move up or down, it seems that DGB will follow either way).

So far it looks bullish, it has broken above some good resistance, here is a quick chart:
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Great call brother, I have this chart as follow up to your call, DGB moving nicely and been following EW to ditto.

Buy in good at this price?
alanmasters PonziTrader
@PonziTrader, Same targets are valid.
RobJay alanmasters
@alanmasters, Alan it's at the 500 support and looks like it's breaking. Do you not think it's going to go lower - maybe even to 425?
can you please update?
alanmasters rezazarrabi
@rezazarrabi, Done!
any update? @alanmasters
@kulie, Just for you guys.
kulie alanmasters
@alanmasters, THANKS a lot, what would be the targets if it breaks upwards?
Here we go again. I didn`t activate the stop loss with the hope of it will grow again later. I am wondering If I can use the same targets if it keep growing.
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