ETHUSD - study

against the background of the general agiotage and the whole market in the green zone we will consider the crypto currency No. 2
on the 4 hour chart we see:
On the Wolf's waves
the intersection of the POC of the previous consolidation with the wave beam of Wolfe gave the target zone $ 520-550. Taken.
The price has approached this resistance and is now actively trying to gain a foothold above the psychologically important level of $ 500.
We draw attention to the fact that the volumes of trade around the price of $ 500 are falling.
 On the CMO oscillator (period 6) we see a bearish divergence.
The same divergence is seen on the indicator of open interest. There is also a decrease in the strength of bulls.
If we consider the Elliott waves , then it seems that soon the correction after the 1st wave will begin.
Up to the Fibonacci level of $ 587, it is possible (not a fact) to have a false ejection ,.
 Apparently, we should wait in the medium term to roll back down.
In the case of consolidation above $ 550 -600, we will consider the purchase of a rollback.
At the moment, the mood is bearish (short).
indncaters OI (open interest) here

交易進行: Following the whole market, very technically and correctly, the broadcast goes down, we sit in a short position
交易進行: The shape of the head of the shoulders is formed, in the breakdown of the neck line we fold the entire portfolio and enter the short position, be sure to look at btc
評論: first look at bitcoin

(see comment)
the level of 540 was problematic.
The price tested several times, but always rolled back down.
  The last POC is lower than the previous POC.
  On the indicator of open interest we see a bear divergence.
  On stochastics - the zone of overselling.
It looks like it's down!
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