EUR/USD - 15min Scalper & Week Ahead

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Price action finished last week in the tip of a nice minor wedge . Moving into this week I will be placing intermediate support zones formed around 1.17288 and intermediate resistance levels around 1.1839. Monday should either break up out of current wedge to upside to retest last weeks highs or break down to test intermediate support and follow thru with the break to 1.1675 at lower levels previously formed. With the major news this week on both sides I will be tracking and scalping the minor waves with a close eye on the calendar and active intermediate momentum. Expecting choppy indecisive price action throughout the week as we consolidate into the major patterns on the larger timeframes. I will be waiting for minor patterns and price action waves to signal and confirm entries and exits of my scalps. I use this platform to create a record which I can review to continue evolving and adapting my charting systems. This is not trade advice or signals . So trade with care, peace and pips. Hope it helps and crush the markets this week traders!

- Grateful Chart Artist
評論: ...As of 11:30am pst - 3 losses & 2 wins on EU ( in the green because of the new risk management plan @ min 1-2 rr
評論: looking at a possible short soon then a long back up to stay in wedge
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