EURUSD long-term sell (Global Macro)

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Presented Idea is an assumption depending on global supply/demand on currencies. In longer period of time, Euro should go down, has big potential to go down, it should weakening, but it will also depends on what Usd will do and how far it will go to the downside. USD has a big potential to go down and it can move in that direction even for a couple of months until inflation CPI will not go down any more. So pay attention of that, it is very, very important.
Technically, EURUSD is now in fifth wave (weekly chart) - be aware!

Always invest consicously, knowing what you're doing and what you want to achieve.

Good luck ;)
Can you do analysis on USDCAD,GBPUSD,EURAUD? If it is not too much to ask.Thank you and happy new year!
@Mairita, yes, I can do, but I prefer to invest at pairs which are the best possible crosses to invest. If, for example, EURO has big potential to move down in the future and AUD has big chances to go up in the near or medium term, then I am looking to sell euraud, because this cross has the biggest probability for move to the downside, and what is more, the move should have big momentum. As investors, we are looking for best crosses and best trades for maximize our final results and minimize probability of loss. Happy new year 2018 :)
Mairita DavidFXMarkets
@DavidFXMarkets, thank you for your answer!
@Mairita, Your welcome :) if you want, you can check my blog http://www.swiadomyinwestor.com.pl
Mairita DavidFXMarkets
@DavidFXMarkets, i will do that,thank you!
Mairita DavidFXMarkets
@DavidFXMarkets, have a little problem with language in blog :) Can understand charts :)
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