OANDA:GBPJPY   英鎊 / 日圓
...How can I explain this... Ok, GJ is a 7 swinging mam-jama. It did one, it is at an Andrew's pitchfork as we speak. Might get a pull down, even a zone bounce. However, as Yoda would say, ending pattern on lower time frames it has done not. The reason I have been looking at GJ is because I see a need for it to break that 151 level or at least test it. It can continue up, but it did complete a huge 7 swing before it dropped on the weekly.... I could see a bounce here within the zone, I could see a pullback even (price action permitting) to break that 151 level even. But if it were to continue up, you see I underlined those levels. If it breaks the 1.236.... It's probably gonna break the high and hit that .618, but I doubt they will make it that easy, but the 78% is a KEY level lining up with equal length. I'm not gonna recommend entering anything tonight. But that is my chart, those are the levels you should be able to at least scalp, possibly get a large sell depending on price action if you watch those price levels, but I believe the move down it will make will be a pullback for one more up, but it could be very deep if it is correcting down on weekly... In summary, if you choose to trade this bastard pair, those are my levels, this is my markup. I said I was scaling in the sell lower down, but thankfully I don't use a US broker so I am still in it but also took the beautifully easy buy setup today an have profited off the sell.
評論: probably gonna sell down some, but I would need to do a video to explain it. And I don't feels like it.
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