BINANCE:GVTBTC   Genesis Vision / Bitcoin
This project is one of my early gems.
I have been buying an selling since 6 dollars.
It had a massive run very recently, which led us to see a $173M market cap.
Circulating supply is only 3.7M tokens which allows it to stay quiet stable as many people who hold the tokens dont want to sell cheap.
Charlie Shrem is one of their key advisors, a massive endorsment.
The project is very unique, solves a problem in wonderful way. Check
I expect good things from this token in 2018. So I will hold...

On this 4 hourly chart, I see a heavily oversold Stoch RSI , which usually indicates reversal signal to come soon.
I expect one at least one more move from this coin.

This chart is only for my practise purposes.
評論: I do not give targets in my analysis. The reason for that is because I do not give trading advise and that this market is not in my opinion suitable for targets.
FOMO, FUD or a small BTC move can destroy the whole chart within minutes.
Charting is not about predicting the future. I believe it is about trying to see the possibilities.
交易進行: Just as expected, GVT will keep on rising
評論: After the Korea news, GVT got a hit as well.
Currently holding its value quiet well. Not much sellers.
I will keep holding.
at what point do you think it will turn up?
valtersboze AnilArslan
@AnilArslan, today :)
chart looks like a duck :D
AltugOzturk desperad0s
@desperad0s, now you say it, i can see a very ugly duck hahaha
Bitc4o AltugOzturk
@AltugOzturk, sar kanarya :D
Merhabalar önceliklle tesekkür ederim paylasimlarinizi türkçede yaparsaniz sevinirim. Bide zaman arailigi verebilirmisniz.
ibrahim77 onuraras
@onuraras, daha önce birçok defa cevapladı, malesef Türkçe yasak.
Do you have any targets for this analysis?
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