LTC USD 1050 By march 2018, Time to Buy is Now! NO BS I deliver!

This is the most likely scenario with all those consolidation and channels, Price target of $1050+ is highly achievable. Keep in mind this is a coin that is traded on GDAX, when it starts moving, the world will join the "FOMO" Train. WE DO NOT WANT TO FOMO! We want to be here first before it takes off so that we can buy low and sell high. We don't want to join the ETH train because that is for noobs who buy high sell low! LTC, with its lite pay, will start trading independently of bitcoin sooner or later. ETH is more unstable, remember that BTC crash from 19K to 11K <--- yup folks thats the unavoidable fate of ETH! Smart money is already out. Guess who is going to sprint next! yup LTC folks, LTC. LTC to the moon!

ST . is bullish , and they are in! Other non-GDAX Alts are easily manipulated but GDAX alts trade in a certain pattern except during an unexpected sell-off caused by bots! Forget BTC , BCH, ETH, Right now this flight is at a bargain price. LTC is not going anywhere because it was the coin to have that speedy transaction and lower fees and people actually use it! If Dash can trade at 1000 why cant LTC? I see LTC as an improved version of BTC with the speedy transaction and lower fees that is used by many people around the world for their everyday transactions. I always buy LTC first because its cheap, quick, reliable and widely used. With Litepay, LTC can fly with no limit.

If you haven't heard about Lite pay, I want you to google . Its the future, folks, and the future is comming soooooooon!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYJeRpaF... <---- This is a video I found in the internet make sure to like and suscribe this guy! BR
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yjW8z5I... Here is the video from a reputed stock reviewer.

I think people should start buying LTC right now because it will fly once the news gets out. People have a habit of fear of missing out when the hype is already on. AVOID the fomo! The price of an ALT is what people are willing to sell for, if you hold em strong at a lower value, you will gain exponentially in the future!

Please check out my other Crypto predictions! This is my thoughts on LTC, yes its a bold prediction and it carries risk like any other coin or investments but I see an opportunity here and hopefully people will see the opportunity here too. This is not a financial advice, it's just an idea, you make your own decision. I am more bullish on this coin after it broke out of a potential Head and shoulders pattern yesterday. It's retesting the support but with a bullish ABCDE triangle. You are in at this price or you are out! the breakout is brewing, people and it is brewing hard!

As a stock trader and an investor, when I invest in something I look at both technicals and the fundamentals. When technicals are as good as the fundaments it's dumb for me to not invest... I am in at 230, when I gave the shoutout, I am not seeling it before it becomes a bubble!

It's the time to take this to the next level! Wave E is completed from my last analysis!

Its a waiting game TO THE MOOONNNN!!!
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評論: closeup, I will only update the big picture in this post.
評論: Best time to buy
評論: Those who are scared of BTC, I see a breakout ! and a cup and a handle.
評論: This should be a washout dip to cool down the RSI never sell on the first hit, wait for the price to come back up. If you put a stop loss, you will lose money. The price will recover in a flash !
評論: second line hit, the third line should be the max dip, it has happened before, the price will recover fast..
評論: Look at the candlestick, if there is a candlestick trading below these level, then that might signal the downward moment. There no down momentum was seen in the price movement. SO this might be a healthy sell-off before a major gain. Do not panic as long as the price is contained within the triangle. AVG them if necessary.
評論: rsi normalizing, if you are scared, time to sell is now at 233.00
評論: I already see 5 down trending wave, next waves should be in positive direction. But its an educated guess, not definate
評論: I won't sell until I see a confirmation of the downtrend.
評論: LOTO buy $220
評論: if this is broken, my triangle is broken
評論: the triangle is broken, and 220 didn't hit bs sell-off