MONA is getting ready for another night on the town!

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
MONA is the finest thing walking in 6 inch heels - and in the next cycle she will not disappoint.

We can expect to see a lot of money flow back across the ocean with the rising of a new year - Bringing Mona to another breakout formation.

Plenty of Profits to gain from this one!

Peace & Love.
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dare i say the opposite will happen? ive seen this level of expectation last year with eth. btc and eth were both down and when btc started its recovery, everyone just assumed eth would immediately shoot up along with it. while it did go up in $ value, the btc pair took a massive beating for a few months. it wont surprise me if the same happens with mona/btc.
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imjohsep henry7696
Agreed, @henry7696. I’m not seeing an clear indicator to get in MONA atm.
Im new to your method Brandon, but shouldnt we not buy when the 7 is below the 77 and the 231 is over them both? bearish signs... am i correct?
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