Indian Stock Market Outlook for 2018

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50指數
The two-year bull run of Indian stock market since March 2016 is due for a breather. Sensex touched a new all-time high of 36443 on January 29, 2018, ushering new euphoria amongst people. Markets do not go straight up or down, they do so in steps. We are expecting a step-down 2018 for 90% of Indian equities. And we do not expect the new highs to be taken out for the better half of 2019.The reason for a bearish outlook for Indian markets for us is purely technical. We do not try to link fundamentals with our reason so as to appease the economists. What this means for an average investor is to either sit on cash or be very stock specific. Following the broader markets – it’s going to be very hard to generate a positive return on investment this year. How deep the correction is going to be will become clearer when the market makes a few lower lows and lower highs.

We, on this blog, are trying to bring you information and ideas to create wealth amidst all odds. Our investment philosophy is to be in the know of events unfolding that lead to changes either positive or negative – come out as a winner, regardless. Keep coming back to this blog to know what we have our eyes on. We will give you plenty of stock ideas so as to make your year a fruitful one.
評論: So the dynamics have changed now - the low we were expecting in October - November has been skewed. Its now likely to form between May-July 2019. However the price target is still intact @ 8000-8500.
Will be keen to know which technical parameter is showing such price? If its based on technicals mot of them based on price and price so far is cool..divergences r not reliable only caution and they dont tell u levels.. volume so far doing you got to have a basis to support your call if at all its basis on technicals and not on wish
@theshamik, thanks for the comment.Most of it is based on Gann and trends, with some esoterica in the mix. I may be wrong but only time will prove.
theshamik FiveRiversCapital-LLP
@FiveRiversCapital-LLP, Thanks for the confirmation. My heart says the same (specially after literally not even a 10% drop for more than 1.5 yrs) looking for params to support it...
@theshamik, Hey buddy....dont go long as yet ....pain is gonna continue till March 2019
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