OMGBTC - At least 200% in the coming few weeks!

BINANCE:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
Hi guys,
Here is a trading analysis for OMGBTC which I think there is a potential price jump of at least 200% in the coming few weeks. Reversal sign is already very clear, but we need to be patient with it.

Please note that the information contained in or provided above is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice.

Good luck! - Abdulla
評論: Yes, the trade is still active and I am still holding.
seems bullish move started with volume, can you please update?
is this trade still active?
Any update on this one sir?
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Sir, Breakout happening ?
Thanks for the idea sir ! I'd like to see your thoughts about VeChain.
AAlFadhala, could you have a look at TRXBTC
I'm sure many are interest due to the recent hype and are wondering whether it will be a good investment.
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MaximusDM ShounakShetty
@ShounakShetty, yes indeed especially with bots manipulating the volume and their whitepapers was just a copy paste. Would be interesting to see AAlFadhala his thoughts on TRXBTC
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ShounakShetty MaximusDM
@MaximusDM, I don't really care about the whitepaper part. I'm pretty sure the upper management of tron has no idea who made the whitepaper (definitely somebody with a backend deskjob). It's not like Justin Sunn himself would write it.
About the bots price manipulation, can't argue there.
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MaximusDM ShounakShetty
@ShounakShetty, Thats true and its permissionless to do that, just like Charlie Lee didn’t need anyone’s permission to base Litecoin off of Bitcoin, but it could mean people distrust tron for that and the Lee vs Sun clash on twitter could feed that distrust. But it was
very entertaining to see the tweets with Sun stating that it was a result of translation issues between chinese and english.

Or people just don't care about this.. often that's the case lol
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