BITTREX:PAYUSD   TenX Pay Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
TenX has been long forgotten. This coin used to be just below XRP, NEM , and XMR mid 2017. This coin has heaps of catching up to do.
I have just purchased around 5500 Pay tokens at this price. I am hoping to sell them anywhere over 10$ depending on momentum.

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is it good time to buy ?
GrantPeace ahmed.abrar007
Like you I also did buy this coin I think I few hours earlier than you... and I am HODL. It was under valued yesterday and moving up...
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@SvH, It is a great play going into February.
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SvH GrantPeace
@GrantPeace, for long term yes this is still a good coin but as you also have seen it went down more than 30% since your first post. You think it will recover in Feb?
I'm in. lets see this fly
Hey brother do you know the deal with EOS yea? EOS at present is like $11 AUD. Youtube how to create EOS wallet.

What you do is buy as much EOS as you can afford and in June when EOS launches you double your tokens. Look it up man not many people know how amazing EOS is its going to be Etheriums nemesis. I bought it at $2 Aud sold heaps now i only got 321 tokens and its $4k AUD and it rises each week.

If you buy of binance or off another website make sure too register the tokens as shown on youtube.

God Bless.
Good call. :) It looks like it is about to break against btc as well :)
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GrantPeace ashah1985
@ashah1985, Hopefully!! Thanks :)
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