POLONIEX:SCUSD   Siacoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Sia coin has an interesting concept that is very underrated. This coin has a solid use-case and is not very well known.

Sia has a circulating supply of only 31bn while Ripple (XRP) has a supply of 100bn.

The supply of SC is significantly less than XRP and yet the price is far lower. Obviously, this can be explained by the maturity of XRP through the Ripple team development and the differing use-cases. However, SC is only 3c, while XRP is pushing $3.00.

I can see SC reach a price of at least 20c in the near future, just like the initial rally of XRP in early 2017.

I have just purchased 738k SC at 29.6c that is within the small blue box on the chart. This trade will likely experience some draw-down, especially while completing the symmetrical triangle pattern . However, I am willing to hold this until it reaches the desired target price of 20c.

評論: Update: Decimal point error. 2.96c, not 29.6c
評論: Break out!
評論: I Sia moon! Do you Sia moon?!
評論: :)
評論: 120% profits.

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@GrantPeace you nailed it. Thanks for sharing the trade. I've been into SC a long time, but it's always good to have your analysis confirmed.
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GrantPeace jonnyfram
@jonnyfram, Cheers :)
Tigerfund GrantPeace
@GrantPeace, Thanks for sharing the trade. I got in at $0.036 after seeing your post. Have you sold off some now for profit or still holding?
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Never had much trust in SC during years dont think coin has much potential
+1 回覆
@ALEX79A, If I may ask, why?
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Hi Grant, Saw your TA, and made some nice profits, still in HODL till 20c, many thanks
+2 回覆
GrantPeace EricKnaap
@EricKnaap, Excellent. Well done mate. Enjoy.
+1 回覆
MisterShaker GrantPeace
@GrantPeace, holding since 50 sats... Not selling till at least750
nice one to bad that i missed that ure a trading legend mate love ur TA skills
+1 回覆
@y0gi, Cheers mate :)
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