Storm (STORM) Trade Opportunity (210% Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:STORMBTC   Storm / Bitcoin
STORM has been added to Bittrex for trading and it is also available on Binance.

Here is a quick trade for STORM... Enjoy it.

Storm ( STORMBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters

Buy in: 0.00000420 - 0.00000490

Storm Targets:

(1) 545
(2) 681
(3) 741
(4) 826
(5) 935
(6) 1055
(7) 1129
(8) 1249

Stop loss: 0.00000339

Thanks a lot for reading...
Jun 08
評論: We touched bottom today again, with some good bullish divergence on the MACD.

If Storm bounces from this level, we can go on a very nice ride.

We are also looking at a possible double bottom on the weekly chart.
Jun 14
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This is my 3rd trade that I get fucked.I don't blame alanmasters i'm the one who made the decision to follow his predictions.
+1 回覆
FieryOne CryptoAstra
@CryptoAstra, yeah, you can't win everything. But at least you know that it's not someone else's fault. Better luck next time.
@alanmasters STORM hit the SL. so are you closing the trade ?
down and down and down
Take it easy guys....STORM is being prepared, this one is going high.
At this stage I would cancel SL, it’s very risky, as it can fire up at any momment.
Just sit and relax, the crypto flows from the unpatient to the patient... this one will be a good score.
Also keep Alan targets, but it might happen that the second target will go right after the first, so pay attention and be ready to buy again, once you hit T1.
We fucked up all fake bitcoin rally :(
+1 回覆
STORM about to break...let’s go....this one will go high!
i just picked up more storm! im expecting a nice quick profit!
ninjethics_ESP ninjethics_ESP
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