$USDJPY | Let's BUY the HYPE?

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
After 2Y we saw USDJPY             surpassing the 2015 support and as JPY on Downtrend after a Bullish rap from 2018,
we're here shorting JPY,
In our Private group of Forex trading (BloomFX) we bought
USDJPY             , GBPJPY             , NZDJPY             and other JPY cross pairs earlier after the release of BBH             reports for Yen,
closed in profits (averaging about +70 PIPS per trade)

Now that USDJPY             is closer to be called Overbought we'll wait for a minor correction and BUY back at 106.900
about (-50 PIPS) of difference,
Setting our SL (-100 PIPS)
and TP 1,2,3 as mentioned,
would love to write more about this pair but a little tight schedule

(Risk - USUAL to LOW)

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
On D timeframe I see bullish flag. Target 121-122
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