Ripple/Bitcoin Divergence Trend

The large divergences between BTC and XRP that we have seen in the past have been corrected by a very long and steep corrective spike in XRP. The rate the divergence is increasing at means we still have some more momentum in opposite directions but an incredible trade opportunity is presenting itself.

Eventually, bitcoin will slow down (somewhere very high~) and we will experience a small retracement. This retracement is where XRP will begin to rise and fill the gap.

35c + is the target. A strategy where you average down from the current price will be a winner.
評論: Prime time.
評論: Here we go!
評論: M00N

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Amazing! It's like you have a crystal ball! Congrats!
acumulation phase
Interesting observation! Thank you!
this great chart sir! i love it
This is a great idea. I wonder if it is because the BTC users try to make a transaction and realize it takes 10 minutes and XRP has a better transaction speed...
XRP should be shorted.
zzavada Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, What is your backing for this??
@zzavada, I flipped a coin and it came up tails. It was an XRP coin, so both sides were tails.
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