Juicy Trend

This script is simple.
It uses EMA and HMA crosses to find entries and exits.
There is an option for sourcing Heikin Ashi based entries/exits.
There is an option for Stop Loss percentage.
It is made for finding Long entries on the 45min chart.
You can optimize the signals by adjusting the moving average lengths.
The default settings are for BTC /USDT 45min.
Suggestion, reduce the Stop Loss percentage for smaller / more volatile assets.
發布通知: I have added the Stochastic RSI into the equation because it seems to make a positive difference.
You can choose what level the Stochastic RSI must be under in order to "BUY".
I have also fixed the labels so they show up in the correct location, corresponding with the actual orders placed in back testing.
This indicator is getting shockingly powerful.
發布通知: I have updated the "percent of equity" value as to not portray unrealistic back testing results.
發布通知: The chart did not contain the script modifications previously noted.
Now the chart image displays the script properly with realistic back testing results.
發布通知: Improved the Inputs layout.
Added the K period smoothing for the Stochastic RSI.
I did not find it helpful to change the smoothing, but perhaps you will find it useful for the assets you're trading.
發布通知: Another update to the stop loss option.
Before it would occasionally fail to stop a losing trade.
Now it works properly.
發布通知: I have updated the "percent of equity" value as to not portray unrealistic back testing results.
發布通知: I have modified the Alerts so they print on the bar after a BUY/SELL/STOP label is printed instead of the same bar.
The labels repaint on the current bar, after the bar has closed, the label is final and will not repaint.
This prevents a bot from buying or selling based on an alert that may be repainted (invalidated)
If you are using an Alert based trading bot, then modify the Alert messages at the bottom of the script.
If you would like for the bot to send alerts on the current bar rather than the next one, then remove from "buyoption", "strategicsell", and "stop"
I hope this was easy to understand and helpful.
發布通知: I have left more valuable instructions at the bottom of the script.
發布通知: Updated Alerts to display on current bar because I didn't know strategy indicators are already delayed one bar. So there's no point to delay the alerts another bar.
發布通知: Updated percent of equity.
I use 90% of equity with my trading bot.
But most people won't use more than 20%.
So I don't want to show unrealistic results.
發布通知: Added categories to the Inputs tab to reduce clutter.
發布通知: Refreshed the entire script with added features.
You can choose the MA type and whether or not you only want to sell in profit.
These added features increased the net profit by around 30% in my testing on Harmony(ONE)/USDT and Bitcoin(BTC)/USDT.
發布通知: Updated the slow ma color.
發布通知: Added "Tool Tips" on the inputs tab to help you understand how to tune the indicator for the asset you're trading.
發布通知: Added the option to only place trades with the Moving Average #3 trend direction.
發布通知: Updated the tooltip for the "Only Trade with Trend" option.
發布通知: Updated the MA 3 adjustment step.
It increases or decreases by 5 now.
Man this indicator is turning out awesome.
Works VERY well on medium sized cryptos like ONE, FTM, AXS, ENJ.
I got it up to 108,000% net profit on FTM 45min... The potential is unbelievable.
發布通知: Added custom Alert messages to the inputs tab.
Now you can type your alert message into the settings input tab.
Or you can insert your 3Commas alert messages there after formatting them correctly.

//BOT Instructions//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

//In the Indicator Setting Inputs Tab, do the following...
//Replace the "BUY" message with your 3Commas "Deal Start" message.
//Replace the "SELL" and "STOP" messages with your 3Commas "Deal Close" message.

//In the Alert Settings, do the following...
//Condition = "𝐉𝐔𝐈𝐂𝐘 𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐃" and "alert() function calls only".
//Expiration time = Maximum time possible.
//Alert actions = Webhook URL (provided by 3Commas)
//3Commas BOT will receive the messages and initiate trades accordingly.
發布通知: Previously, after a "BUY" signal, an alert would be send on every bar after that "BUY" signal.
Now the Alert will only be sent one time after a "BUY" signal.
The same is true for "SELL" signal alert.
However, "STOP" signal alerts will still repeat on every bar... This is due to the limitations of the script but is also not a bad feature. It may be good to send redundant alerts for the stoploss.
發布通知: Updated entry and exit comments.
發布通知: Added my name just for fun. lol
發布通知: Make my name yellow just cause.
發布通知: This is a bot indicator for snowballing equity as quickly as possible.
As such, I have increased the trade quantity to 30%.
I have also fixed an issue with STOP signals being recognized as SELL signals.
This caused the same alerts to show up for STOP and SELL signals, now they are individualized.
發布通知: Updated the Alerts, Labels, and Trades.
SELL and STOP signals are individualized better.
發布通知: I decided to test the indicator on the worst performing Cryptocurrency this week (AAVA) on the most difficult time frame (5min).
I did this to prove that even in the worst case scenario, you or your bot can still be profitable with this indicator.
11% month is NOT a bad "worst case scenario", am I right?
發布通知: Updated input section titles just for fun.
發布通知: Added a Take profit option.
Next I will add an option to make the stop loss trailing.
發布通知: Updated Default Inputs for ONE/USDT 45min
發布通知: Updated Tooltip
發布通知: Added a trade expiration feature.
This will stop trades after the chosen amount of bars so your bot can get back into action.
There was an issue with trades waiting a very long time for the price to come back into profit which was not practical in some situations.
發布通知: Updated alerts and tool tips.
發布通知: You can now change the minimum profit required for the "Only Sell in Profit" option.
發布通知: Added the option to sell after an uptrend has ended.
If you're only trading with the trend, there will be one final trade at the end that is not sold in profit.
If you have enabled the feature to only sell in profit then you will have to use this new feature to force the trade to stop.
發布通知: Adjust how long the trend must be have reversed before selling.
發布通知: The "minimum profit" is now actually percentage based.
I coded it wrong the first time, it was tick based.
Now you can choose the minimum percent profit if you're selling only in profit.
發布通知: Updated tooltip.
發布通知: Name and Tooltip Update
發布通知: Expire Alert Fix
發布通知: Simple Update


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