Simple Scalper

For best results, collect a minimum of 4 confirmations. The EMA serves as a dynamic support and resistance and to know the trend, when it touches the bottom of the Bollinger Bands look for purchases, if it is at the top look for sales. It can be supplemented with Volume . (also applying price action and looking for bounce points)

EMA: 200

Bollinger Bands: (20,2)

SAR: (2/0.02/0.2)
發布通知: The Parabolic sar was changed to how Nez Vquez has it, creator of this strategy and also the color of the Moving average
發布通知: Add the signals when the price is breaking through the bollinger bands. And the moment of entry when the price returns to enter the Bollinger band. This script must be used with Simple Scalper Osilators
發布通知: I added the EMA so that the arrows detect when the market price is making a consolidation

@NesVquez @JonathanNunezM
發布通知: It was updated to version 4 and you can now edit the color of the arrows
發布通知: Things were deleted so that the graph is cleaner