BitcoinCash will run like a BULL

BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
The beginning of the growth will be on January 7-8.
If you proceed from my TA, then it shows that the nearest penetration of the blue triangle is possible, and there is also a plus of a future perspective - the yellow trend channel narrows.
Yellow rectangles on the chart mean large volumes of purchases.

There is no special news of the fundamental analysis in public, except that the listing on the Japanese exchange on January 11 and the meetup in London on January 12 and on January 15, the possibility of buying for Europeans in a coinbase. BUT! On January 14 the address format will be changed, but before January 14, a week, and during this time very much can happen :)

(1) TP is 0.181
(2) TP is 0.2
(3) TP is 0.215
(4) TP is 0.249
(5) TP is 0.271
(6) TP is 0.3
(7) potential x2 and more

P.S, the exact take profit positions may be redefined in the near future.
交易進行: Hope you bought a bag of BitcoinCash, because the situation is heated and the pattern is repeated
交易進行: We are in the opportunity-resistance channel, so be careful, because we are on a flying rocket! :)
評論: Soon we will broke the triangle. Stay with me, because it very good recommendation
交易進行: My congratulations to those who followed my signal, because BitcoinCash will be go up soon.

Keep an eye on BitcoinCash, because on January 14 we will see the recalculation of Bitcoin power and the address change on BItcoinCash. This means that part of the Bitcoin miners will go to BitcoinCash. A potential 100% profit nears the horizon :)
Great job very helpful
markvandeli mughal_188
@mughal_188, thanks for your comment, hope you make a profit with me
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