Possible bull trap - pay attention

I currently see many who believe that it is only a small correction before it goes on with the bull run. If it's up to them, we should only form an inverse head and shoulders .
With this idea, I just want to warn everyone. It may be that they are right, but of course they may as well be wrong.

If we form an inverse head and shoulders and there is a breakout, then it is a clear buy signal.

If you buy before and it turns out to be a bull trap, as it was with the Nasdaq, then it can be very painful for your portfolio.

Accordingly, I recommend everyone to watch the situation. Go safely before you make a decision. So only buy with a clear confirmation of an uptrend.

I wish you good luck.
評論: My other comparisons, which turned out to be 'wrong', are only wrong because Bitcoin is perhaps more than seven times faster than Nasdaq. I had previously focused too much on the MACD and RSI. I expected that the macd at bitcoin crosses again before it comes to an uptrend. that was not so. That's why I localized a bull trap too early. However, it would have been smarter to just look at the SMA and chart history for an approximate estimate as you can see.

I want to apologize for that.
Dude forget those who hate....hope you profited from your analysis....
Just after completing the H&S , it falls down. Your bull trap call came true but for a completely different reason ! You wouldn't have known about the Binance event triggering it :P .
In the crypto market it's better to be lucky than right :)
E55 kdboy
@kdboy, It wasnt FUD, you saw the down move before.
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@E55, Yes yes, I am on your side my friend
time to shut down ur account
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i04e12 jmenake
@jmenake, when it's time to buy back? Thank you
jmenake i04e12
@i04e12, 10,1k -10,5k
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@jmenake, lol
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jmenake dinopiccinin
@dinopiccinin, now who expected a 1000$ drop in 1 hour
Next Station 5000 USD. if we follow the same Pattern - so NASDAQ drops 50 %. (2100 till 1100)
BTC drops 50 %. ( 10500 till 5100)

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