Many Bulls Are About to Get Killed !! Big Fall Coming !

Most People did not believe it would happen, and still don't.

So, is BTCUSD really going down?

Moving Water has 2 targets left to hit, as posted on related chart below.

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Moving Water

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STOP LOSS: is something everybody should use, everything is possible in this market. But, that's a responsibility a person should have with their money, I don't have the influence on that.

I strongly advise, you to use a stop loss. In this crazy world everything is possible, even a sudden going to 0.
Ex: If there is a world war.
So, try to catch the waves, but with a secure area, and limit your risks, considering a loss you can afford.

For MORE INFORMATION check Related Charts below.

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Good Luck and Good Profit.

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評論: Next 2 targets:

評論: Already hit $ 7987.
評論: this is it going down..
評論: just broke it!
交易進行: Could the M.W. (Moving Water) already be inside the MATRIX ?

I can see...
評論: One of the aspects of the M.W. (moving water) view, as you can see there are price's waves on those channels, that helps us understand the market flow.
交易進行: As the tsunami approaches water is drawn back from the beach to effectively help feed the wave. In a tide the wave is so long that this happens slowly, over a few hours. In a short small ‘wind wave’ we see it happening every few seconds as we dodge waves on the beach. A tsunami is short enough to have a rapid effect, in minutes, but long enough to carry enormous energy.

Moving Water
評論: BTC on 3 - could have a little bull trap like this:

評論: bigger picture..

評論: So, I have to share something for everybody:

Market never happens at once, there will be always a flow. When I spot a fall, it does not mean it will fall forever, or that it will fall at that exact moment.

It is not a buy or sell signal. What I am posting here is just the tendency of the market, from what I see, but I am just trying to understand the market, not giving any service or advice to trade.

After I posted going down, it did go to $ 7930, but I did not mean it would go all the way to $ 6900 at once.

At this moment, I am NOT offering buy and sell signals, you need to do your own research when placing your orders and stop loss.

Good Luck and Good Profit.

Moving Water
評論: Box Formation ?

評論: 2 BOX ?

交易進行: This is not the bottom for the Big Fall.

交易進行: Just broke DOWN $ 7800

評論: Hi,

Big Bounce areas should be around $ 6900 and $ 5800.

Good Luck and Good Profit.
交易進行: Check your chart.

Just broke DOWN $ 7500
評論: It is sad, But all I can see now, is Blood and Dead Bulls behind.
交易進行: check your chart

You're amazing. Don't know how you do it, but your accuracy is the highest I've seen anywhere! Great work!
MovingWater BTC_Dreamer
@BTC_Dreamer, hi. Thank you for the support. I hope it keeps helping and improving. Good Luck and Good Profit.
cha gaya bahi : very gud charts: lets c if price move down again frm 8k-8.2k or not:
great work, lets go to 3K and buy like crazy :)
Thanks moving water :)
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MovingWater oilyprata
@oilyprata, thank you for the support.

Good Luck and Good Profit.
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Beautifull Fall this Morning!

The BullFish are holding theirs BTC jaaa
MovingWater sergio00
@sergio00, thank you for the support.

Good Luck and Good Profit.
@MovingWater , Thanks for update. So are we looking at 6900 or further can go down?
MovingWater telsilicon
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