Following a bullish 2017, we have a POTENTIAL correction setting up in 2018.

Whilst Bitcoin long-term is bullish we need to be aware that a breaking of the Head & shoulders Neckline may precipitate a severe sell-off.

To play this we look at both sides of the coin:
LONGS: Needs to convincingly stay above the Resistance Levels
SHORTS: Breaks the neckline of the Head & Shoulders and stays under
評論: Be aware of South Koreas stance on Bitcoin:
Answering newbie crypto critics who know little/nothing about trading, through Professional Trading Analysis is the sweetest reply...
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With Bitcoin dropping 50% from its all-time high in such a short space of time these negative comments reveal these traders inexperience and trading ignorance.
You can easily cash out/buy bitcoins at furcoins. com, my experience with them is fascinating. No fees, no delay and no sign up!
This is the most funny analyze. I think this guy does not have any bitcoin, he missed the train. Oop...!!
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basahand MonkeyBanana
@MonkeyBanana, would be nice to see you here again :)
So this idea tells us, that we will fall over 50% in 1 week on bitcoin? Im sorry, but thats not possible.
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mcmurphy510 jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, lol... don't know what their problem is. Right or wrong he's got 30k reputation, so is far from a noob. Must be doing at least least something right.
jeffreyjim mcmurphy510
@mcmurphy510, "Thank You"
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