LITE at The End of The Tunnel? Do You Recognize This Pattern?

Hey Friends <3

As you know D4rkEnergY is here to spread love and wisdom to you guys! D4rkEnergY is your LIGHT in the darkness. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, let's have a look at the 2h LTCUSD Chart.

Let me just start asking you - does this pattern looks familiar to you? You are right - it's sooo identical with Bitcoin's chart at this moment. First a steep uptrend, then a bull flag and now we are facing an ascending triangle!

Also here we are trying hard to get our 1-5 Elliott Wave Cycle going. We have our first wave, and had a decent 38,2 % retracement on the 2nd wave (which were more than BTC ), and are now witnessing a brutal fight in the triangle.

Once AGAIN - Bitcoin will show Litecoin directions. We are in a phase of hope, and what is characterized with this phase is, that people tend to change feelings very quickly. One mistake and we will go into disbelief.

Here are the 2 scenarios:

1. If Bitcoin manage to go to 9,000 USD, you will also see Litecoin break out of the ascending triangle . And Litecoin will probably go up in a quicker pace THAN Bitcoin .

2. If Bitcoin will fail in its attempt to break out of it's ascending triangle , and will go down from there, you can expect LTC to go to 152 USD, where we have huge support (blue line). If Bitcoin will make an EW failure on it's new 1-5 attempt and will continue its corrective pattern down to 6k, you can expect Litecoin to go down to 78,6 % Fib Retrace which is equal to 137 USD.

D4 loves you <3

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評論: Not really a surprise, that also Litecoin fell out of the ascending triangle when BTC did it. Litecoin has now been going sideways for awhile like BTC. And I think we still will do that for a while.

Most likely Bitcoin will eventually have to retrace lower on its 2nd EW, so expect therefore also that Litecoin will fall too.

The moment truth will come, when BTC has made a decent retrace and can manage to go into a 3rd EW and break out of its channel. If BTC does that, you can expect that Litecoin will go even higher! And probably will LTC fare better than Bitcoin.

D4 loves you <3 Remember to give a like!! :)

評論: Hey dear friend! We are back on an update on LITECOIN. As you can see, and as I predicted, IF Bitcoin managed to go to 9K, LTC would fare better. And that is also what we are seeing.

We have to pay attention to, that our 3rd Elliott Wave isn't finished (the subwasve doesn't match, which can be problematic if BTC don't get higher. We will then probably see an EW Failure, which will take us even lower and ETH will still fare way worse than BTC.

Thank you so much guys for following me. Im so happy and feel so thankful - please remember to give A BIK like - Ty friends <3

評論: Am I allowed to brag? Elliott Wave Theory doesn't work at all, right? :) It couldn't be more accurate. I also told you, that LITECOIN would fare better than Bitcoin, if Bitcoin went up. And that is also what we saw happening!

Thx a lot guys to everyone of you who are supporting me <3


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No not yet.... and this is why...
@LNE, Im not claiming that LTC will go up from now on. As I said many times before, if Bitcoin get rejected from the zone of resistance and thereafter also fall through the HS Pattern, obviously Litecoin will also fall :)
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LNE D4rkEnergY
Gregua D4rkEnergY
@D4rkEnergY, very important point to be remebered!
Should BTC fall again?
bpwphoto Puetas7
@Puetas7, "should"? If we're talking shoulds, then LTC should shoot to 100k in an instant.
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Puetas7 bpwphoto
@bpwphoto, I did not ask anything, I'm sorry.
Hey Dark could you explain why you put your fib levels here please I don't get it.
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LTC seems to be making a move too. This will be interesting.
So basically if it doesnt go up we need to see if it goes up. Otherwise sideways.
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