Nano (NANO) Low Risk High Reward (100%+ Profits Potential)

BINANCE:NANOBTC   Nano / Bitcoin
NANO's retrace seems to be over, based on the accumulation that can be spotted on the charts. A double bottom is also a good reversal signal.


Buy in: up to 0.00055

NANO Targets:

(1) 0.00058
(2) 0.00066
(3) 0.00077
(4) 0.00094
(5) 0.00011
(6) 0.00014

Stop loss: 0.00048

Jun 06
評論: NANO Targets:

(1) 0.00058
(2) 0.00066
(3) 0.00077
(4) 0.00094
(5) 0.00111
(6) 0.00141
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I have this on Nano and think it worth sharing. Nano hit good support

We're in a bear market people. Seriously stop complaining so much and let the market be. Come back to it later. Why is that so hard?
Any update Alan ?
Made so many mistakes thanks to this master. EBST, DGD, QTUM, NANO. I think all of this is bs honestly..
+5 回覆
CoyKoi flee0308
@flee0308, yup, me too, specially with SALT. worst coin ever. and master as well.
+2 回覆
xau327 flee0308
@flee0308, I can assure you that nano isn't bullshit bro, unlike those other coins.
+1 回覆
nicobluey flee0308
@flee0308, I dont trust this guy anymore
+1 回覆
@flee0308, you and everyone else who seconds you are doing it wrong. Blame yourselves for trying to get the " answer " from someone else. Learn how to lose so you learn how to win. The market was obviously shaky to begin with. To honestly follow someone with your eyes closed and then blame them for your own loss is childish at best. SMH.
biplav32 flee0308
@flee0308, What happened to stop loss?
Hi Alan

You have two open posts on NANO.
Was that intentional or should the old post be closed out and this one is the replacement ?

1st May post

6th May post (this one)

Thanks for all the good work
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