ZCL Buy Opportunity (100% Potential in 1 shot)

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
This is a risky trade. I am putting this here as a "buy signal".
Sell for 100% profit.

This coin is breaking out and, as you can see from the chart, it has massive room for growth.
The targets level on the chart or "random", intuition based targets.

So please trade at your own risk.
Set a very short stop loss. Do not get trapped if this doesn't work out.
Analyze, think and then make your choice.
Build a plan before hand.
Set a goal.

Maybe you can say something like, "I want to make 30% on this trade", and plan accordingly.

That's it. All right. Let's trade!

**Another idea that got caught in the 'private' pipeline.
Here it is made public now.
評論: I do not recommend this trade for beginners.
評論: Buy in below 30 with stop loss at 24 (20% risk).

Buy in below 35, with stop loss at 28 (20% risk).

First target 80. (145% -160% reward)

20% risk - 160% reward.

交易進行: We are on the upside here. Just let it develop.

Within buyin zone. Feel free to buy coins or rebuy if you already have some.
交易結束:達到停損點: Close this trade. We will revisit later.
交易進行: Back on track. ZCL started to move UP just now.
評論: Still plenty of time to buy in, and plenty of room for growth.
評論: There is still plenty of room for growth.

Look at the 4h chart - all bullish:

- This one closes in 10 minutes.
- With those indicators with that huge CURVE, we might see some incredible action. I am hoping so.
- Also, if we close above 30000, we will make this candle a bullish one, and the next one will go even higher.

Here is the daily:
評論: We are still bullish on the daily chart, maybe half day, or 1 day and a half... To start over. Either way, we wait.
交易進行: One of the experts that read my stuff, can you tell me, is this formation bullish?

評論: Actually, it is a bit obvious.
評論: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the prices drops.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
評論: This trade is in the positive, so you can choose to wait until it takes off, or you can leave for another trade. It is up to you.
交易結束:目標達成: Over 100% profit achieved (Total of 200% price increase)!!!

Trade closed: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for following my trade.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.

See you in the next one.
See you in the near future, again.


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Update please, should i buy it now?
Any Update on ZCL ?
Did this one gain 15000% in one month? WTF?
dflatr knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, yes, but that was a fork wich pupm its price
You closed this too early lol. Zclassic is a giant with 70 million market cap. Reconsider opening.
HudZ PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, His last point is still in play. If you don't take profit at that point, you're just being greedy
@HudZ, This is a no brainer. I'm posting this after a 120 percent increase from last night's post. Look at the fomo NXT and Verge got. Bitcoin forks always trade around 300 dollars lowest ( bitcoin diamond, a shitty bitcoin fork, traded around 500 USD). You have a shot at getting a lot of bitcoin privates for lower costs, buying ZCL. You have no idea how much fomo this will cause. If shit coins like Verge and NXT got these massive pumps, ZCL is heading to 1000 $ guaranteed. Buy now before it's too late
You Are Great Man
So you do have paid version. You post them on private version first then you post them on public once it went up?
+2 回覆
stephenguan2050 personemail
@personemail, I think mr alan is just a top bloke and dont mind sharing the wealth of these world. like the vibes he gives off, stay happy stay positive namaste.
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