POT Trade (300% Potential)

BITTREX:POTBTC   PotCoin / Bitcoin
I joined this POT trade based on 1 single signal ( MACD positive divergence).
I also know the coin, it tends to pump really hard when it does, and this level has been trading as a very strong support.

My target is 5490 satoshis for 300% potential profit.
I can allow to let myself sell before that if the situation presents itself and my candle stick analysis shows me signs of rewind.

There is no stop loss suggestion for this trade.
Trade at your own risk.
If you don't understand, then there is a huge possibility that this trade is not for you.

* Look at my profile for more detailed trades that are suited for beginners (if you are one), there are many there. And remember, these trades can take days, weeks or even MONTHS to complete. If you can't wait, then these trades are not likely suited for you.

Yesterday I learned as much as I learn everyday, and even though I do too make mistakes, today I wake up ready to go at it again.
I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I don't really care. The past is long gone, the present is where I stay.

Opportunities are endless in this field.
If you have the patience to wait, and follow the instructions, you will be finally able to earn.

Thanks for reading.
評論: Set it and forget trade. No action needs to be taken, regardless of what happens to the price. This is my strategy.
交易進行: Moving into the positive zone already. Good luck and good profits... and good night.
交易進行: We almost reach our first target for a 30% gain.
But we will hit it soon anyways.
交易進行: First target reached (0.000022-24)
評論: POT normally goes on huge rallies, so at least, aim for 0.000031 (which is almost 100% profit).

Remember you can also sell anytime, a portion of your stack or all of it, if you feel so inclined to do so. The important part is to buy low and sell high.

Come out in profit. Come out a winner.
交易進行: We almost breached our second target.

This chart does not need any explaining:

交易進行: My dear followers, I gave you 4 targets, 3 on the image and my own.

Please feel free to sell whenever you like, not everybody has the same circumstances. I would have sold at the high 3100s but I don't have the time to look at the chart, so I set my order and leave. I don't mind waiting.

If you do mind waiting, then please, sell whenever you want.
評論: Put BUY orders at 1500-1600.
評論: POT breakout, we get a second chance... Let's see if we hit my target now.
If not, this time I will consider selling lower...

評論: This is a 2H chart for POT. It has 45 minutes left.

If it closes full green (no stick at the top), you know what happens, MASSIVE PUSH, if not, we still can get a good push.

If it goes down (big stick on top), then it slows down.

Many bullish signals, good buy, low risk... VERY LOW RISK.

評論: My POT sell orders (you can see as reference or to get some ideas):

0.00002870 (small)
0.00003187 (small)
0.00005187 (big) - being way too optimistic, but I want to try.

It normally moves fast when it takes off.
Feel free to use your own sell targets :)
交易進行: I also kept 1000 coins with no sell orders (because you never know). I've seen it go incredibly high.
評論: We are moving up slowly. This will be definitely a winner.
評論: Open your positions now, those interested.
POT is getting ready for a run in the next two days.

評論: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the price drop.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.

Stop loss should be set @ 1649.
評論: Incredibly enough, this coin is growing slowly, normally it just shoots up through the roof. Well, that's great, as long as we are in profit in this trade. Hold and wait.

P.S. Sell at your preferred target.
手動結束交易: I updated my POT trade to a longer version one.

This one is long term and has fundamentals analysis.

You can find this trade here:
評論: I can see many early positions that were opened in the comments section. Congratulations, POT is only getting stronger and stronger, and it is now having some really good action.

Patience is the key. Holding is the best strategy.

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Still hold? Really dropping
Wow, that gap on bittrex...
Hello! The wall of sale is big, it will be wonderful when it leaves.
Hello! The wall of sale is big, it will be wonderful when it leaves.
For the trades that you recommend, does it matter which exchange we use? Should we try to be using the same exchange that you reference in the ticker in the title? I am just wondering because many of these are low volume and I thought that it might matter. Thanks!
alanmasters fishermanPhil
@fishermanPhil, It doesn't really matter but I am using Bittrex. Poloneix for example, always has lower prices.
fishermanPhil alanmasters
Cool, thanks @alanmasters !! I appreciate it and appreciate all of your tips and the effort you put in.
in at 2455 thx
marsbioform kj_crypto
@kj_crypto, pretty high. How did you manage that :p
Bought 1900 , 1800 and 1700 , waiting for the explosion :)
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