Don't be fooled

That's why it's a huge bull trap for me. Do not get too greedy, no matter what some indicators or people claim.

For us it is time to wait. I expect in 1-2 days (do not take the time too serious) again a strong upmove in the 9000 area until we see another dip.

If you want, you can still distance yourself from the market, but I am currently holding a share of my capital in a few coins. Depending on the situation I will decide if I go out or not.

This is one of those moments where many think we would have a strong bull run, but it was just a trap. After that it will come to many panic sales, which will be our moment to join.

For example, as soon as Ripple breaks through the purple line that I drew in my XRPUSD idea, it's time for me to shop.

Bullish signs:

評論: Guys I have it only in the feeling, but I think tomorrow it is time.
評論: If anyone don't know my other ideas, then you won't understand the situation. Just look at this:

評論: If I see a breakout or something I will inform you guys, because this will mean that we will go veeery high.

But if there isn't a breakout this will be a bulltrap.

I keep you up to date. Right now it is very difficult to predict the situation.

Patience is key.
評論: Currently I am bullish until I reach my target with ripple.
手動結束交易: Looking only for these scenarios now:

交易結束:目標達成: Crash has started now. It was a huge bull trap. New idea will come soon.
When you see everyone being so bearish you need to be bullish
we have survived 16k crash so i'm not ready for another. lol
I don't see us going sub 6k again, but my god we're going to see an epic sell off at 10000. I think you're being overly blinded by negativity, just as some are being way too bullish rn.
asparoth asparoth
Fyi, the 10K is where most people got in, thinking they got a pretty sweet deal about three weeks ago. Expect them to cash out, along with those who bought in at 5800.
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Thank you good stuff.
omg i like this
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nice, 1month and we will start mooning, as i predicted. Thank you for your confirmation, btc 2014 chart shows that clearly
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so basically what ur saying is: hey all indicators say bullish but my gut feeling says bearish
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