Tron (TRX) 2nd Entry Point (After 100% Profits)

We have a trade foor Tron ( TRX ) that is still valid, but I asked for a new entry point; a second chance.

After giving us a very beautiful 100% profits on our last trade (check the related ideas at the bottom of this trade), Tron ( TRX ) is consolidating and getting ready for additional action.

It is time to load up some more.

Tron ( TRX ) 2nd Entry Point with Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.00000820 - 0.00000940

Stop loss: 0.00000710

Targets: (Visit my old Tron trade).

That's all. This is simply a 2nd Entry Point.

Note: Aim for big profits. Tron ( TRX ) is very famous and many, many people are buying it and have high expections for it. We made an easy 100% profits here and there is definitely lots of more room available for growth. Of course, after this big increase in price since we started trading Tron, it can take some time of accumulation before the next run. That's perfect, we don't mind waiting, as long as in the end we end up with our pockets full of Tron. Which we will sell for big profits, that's how we have our fun.


評論: For targets and additional information about this trade, please click on the image below (make sure to like, follow, share and comment to receive more great, amazing, profitable, safe and very strong trades from Alan Masters):

Thank you Always, for your Infinite and very Loving Support!

評論: Looks like we will use my buy in range to consolidate, after consolidation we move back up.

The price can drop lower than 820 but it should be a quick bounce if it does.

So we will wait patiently, until Tron does its next wave up.

評論: We are within our buy in range. Feel free to load up on Tron (TRX). It will move when the market moves.

If you ask me, Tron actually held pretty well on this last correction.

Here is the chart:
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@AlanSantana could you please tell the entry point in Trx/USDT

Thank you.
+2 回覆
AlanSantana zahidax83a
@zahidax83a, If I get the time I will take a look.
Thanks it is dropping , hope the whales keep it down for bit til 800, before mainet
+2 回覆
AlanSantana deseroner
@deseroner, Mainet is too far away. It will go up again before that.
Bro No updates On Xrp? Pls Have a look one!
+1 回覆
nikhilkanna.1234 nikhilkanna.1234
Alana, any update on this?
You recommend to sell and move to other thing or still believe on this?
+1 回覆
@snisnik, Yes, it only needs time. We are within our buy in range.
Thanks for sharing Alan. Hope TRX is mooning soon.
+1 回覆
@ngu_ong, My pleasure. Thanks for the support.