Bitcoin Bull Is Over? More Up? Or Are We Going Down? (1111)

I normally mention how Bitcoin tends to break all expections almost all of the time, and this time around is no different... Bitcoin Keeps On Going Up! While many people keep on expecting for it to go down. It was supposed to go down since the day it bounced on the 2nd April, yet, we have been in a very clear uptrend since, specially after we broke the down trend that started back on the 17th December 2017 when Bitcoin reached it's all time high (I wrote plenty about this).

Can Bitcoin fall? Of course it can.

Will it fall? That is for the market to decide. ... For now, we focus on the next resistance levels, which we also call "targets".

Here are the price levels where Bitcoin will face resistance next. I will share these in a range:

Bitcoin Short Term Targets:

(1) $10,300 - $10,650
(2) $11,450 - $11,700

That's all I wanted to share.
Hoping this can be useful to you...

Enjoy your life...
Enjoy every single day.

I really appreciate all the incredible support that I receive, positive comments, likes, shares and follow, for all of my Altcoins trade. I promise you that you will be seeing many new ones in the coming days.

Maybe you too want to trade, maybe in the past you made some mistakes.

Do not worry about it, more opportunities will come your way.

Because you are unique & special...
Because you always DESERVE THE BEST!

評論: All comments answered.

Short term we are going sideways (15min):
12 hours chart (for your own interpretation):
12h + Ichimoku Cloud:
評論: Bitcoin had a nice close yesterday. This close supports more bullish action for the near future.

Here is the 1 hour chart:
P.S. Mark 15th May in your calendars, after this date, I believe the real action will start (not exactly on this date, but after this date...).

Thanks again for reading and for your support. :)

評論: Bitcoin is already trying to breakout again, after only 1 day of break, what an amazing development... Keep It Up Bitcoin!

評論: Bitcoin is looking more bullish by the day. A strong close this week, above 10k, can be a very positive signal which can push us to reach our second target.

評論: For your entertaiment - January 1st 2017.

Bitcoin and other Altcoins prices:

Bitcoin = $963.03

Ether = $8.26

Ripple = $0.006540

Litecoin = $4.37

Monero = $13.58

Etherum Classic = $1.45

Dash = $11.26

STEEM = $0.17

NEM (XEM) = 0.003666

Waves = $0.244

Stellar = 0.002473

Lisk = $0.149

BitShares = $0.003923

Ador = $0.01

NEO = $0.14

PPC = $0.232

SingularDTV = $0.01

Golem = $0.0095

I/O Coin = $0.36

Siacoin = $0.000236

Syscoin = $0.0092

BitcoinDark = $3.44

PotCoin = $0.015

Synereo (AMP) = $0.039

DigiByte = $0.000255

Omni = $2.91

Vertcoin = $0.0346

Burst = $0.000543

FTC = $0.0059

BitBay = $0.00088

ReddCoin = $0.000022

DigitalNote = $0.000080

OKCash = $0.007877

Blocknet = $0.1128

PIVX = $0.007282

Verge = $0.000020

Tron = $0.00 (Didn't exist)
評論: Another opportunity to buy up on all of your favorites altcoins while this small correction takes place. Early reversal signals spotted on the BTC 1h chart:

評論: We now have reversal signals on the 2h chart as well.

Notice the last two candles as well as the fact that we went out of the Bollinger Bands:
評論: Bitcoin going down now. Here are our next support level.
Marked by the EMA100 and SMA20 lines:

(1) $9050 - $9200 (This is short term).
評論: I believe we will be going up in a few days.

Wait patiently, we will hit our targets.
評論: Here is the 4 hours chart, we bounced from an early resistance now turned support:
評論: Updating the chart, things are going good, so far this is a very "shy" correction. Let's keep it this way... Any other way? We can take that as well... :D

評論: We are looking good. Bitcoin has been holding nicely.

Here is the chart:
評論: We are good as long as we remain above the $8700 - $8800 price level. Above this level, we can consolidate and try to move up again, but if this level is broken down, you can expect a bigger dip in price.

So far we are doing good. We just wait patiently.

Thanks for your continued support.

評論: Please follow my new Bitcoin update. I will move the targets there.

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Hello alanmasters,
I have been following your highly appreciated work for several months now, and I wanted to thank you since a long time ago. I am not posting much (this is my second post), but I wanted to tell you, that I have very much respect for they way you are thinking and giving. Keep up the good work and let the good karma be with you. Namaste:-)
+13 回覆
@MarHab, THANKS!!! Your comment is highly appreciated. It motivates me to do more.

+9 回覆
Thank you so much for the enlightenment Alan. You are another of the very few traders that I admire. You are an amazing human being. Thanks for backing me up on my Latest Hidden Bullish Divergence idea. To see you even near an idea of mine is a privilege. Thank you for what you do for people.
+7 回覆
alanmasters deactivatedaccount123
@deactivatedaccount123, It is my pleasure. I am glad to be able to offer my support to he community.

Thanks for your comment.

+1 回覆
I do most of my own charts, but I love the patience and care you give to everyone looking to enrich their lives with financial freedom. I don’t have time to teach everyone who asks TA, so you are the one I have all friends and people I know go to in order to learn. You are realistic at reducing risk, and grateful at reaping rewards. Just wanted to let you know, I notice from afar.
+5 回覆
alanmasters TheLukeShort
@TheLukeShort, Namaste.

I am incredibly grateful for your comment. It moved me.

well done and thanks bro you did such a nice job for us
+4 回覆
alanmasters aliraza143
@aliraza143, I am happy to read this. Thanks for your support.
+1 回覆
Hello Alan, how do you work with the alts in this case? These movements of BTC have trigered my SL in many other investments that I had. Would you consider remove SL and let the price take its course? Would you consider rebuy with lower prices? or just sell everything and leave it in BTC until it reach a target where consolidation gets longer?

Thank you!
+4 回覆
alanmasters pjgarciaespinosa
@pjgarciaespinosa, I don't use a stop loss because the altcoins market is very volatile, so you get kicked out and simply lose money due to whales and market manipulation.

When the price goes up, I sell a portion of my holdings for the coins that are booming. When the price goes down, using the funds that I now have available from the sale of the booming alts, I will rebuy the ones that go low.

I keep on repeating this each time the cycle repeats itself.

- Bitcoin goes up, altcoins drop.

- Altcoins drop, I buy, rebuy and reload.

- Bitcoin goes sideways, altcoins go up.

- Altcoins go up, I sell altcoins, keep the funds to reload when the price goes back down again.

- Rinse and repeat for as long as we are in an uptrend.

If the uptrend is broken, I will have a trailing stop loss for all of my trades.

There is also the choice to hold long term and the main stop loss if the things get really bad and you don't want to hold long.

As usual, we all have many options, it really depends on your own strategy, your plan and your goals.

+5 回覆
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