NANO (NANOBTC) Breaking Out (170% Earnings Potential)

You know NANO on Binance? It just broke out of a triangle pattern . This is a very strong breakout, I am going to get right into it.

NANO ( NANOBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: Up to 0.00099


(1) 0.00106
(2) 0.00118
(3) 0.00130
(4) 0.00147
(5) 0.00169
(6) 0.00193
(7) 0.00232

Stop loss: 0.00074

As usual, the weekly chart looks great as well for long term growth.

Note: I am not home right now, so I will resume with our more "detailed" trades when I get back. In the meantime, make sure to position yourself and make sure to enjoy the profits.

Allow this trade plenty of time to develop.

交易進行: We are nicely within our buy in range. So feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

This will consolidate for a few days, maybe retrace a little more and then finally take off.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: NANO Targets:

(1) 0.00106 * Target reached 3-May *
(2) 0.00118
(3) 0.00130
(4) 0.00147
(5) 0.00169
(6) 0.00193
(7) 0.00232

Enjoy the profits!!!

交易進行: Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.
評論: We are still looking for support, but we are almost there.
評論: I am seeing some early reversal signals on the 4 hours chart:

There is also a hammer on the daily chart, but we have a long way to go for trading day to close, so this candle can change:
評論: The market is correcting nicely, feel free to buy the dips and rebuy and reload when the price goes down.

NANO competition on Binance is about to be over. The price of a coin tends to rise once the competition is over.

I am not using a stop loss, I will wait patiently until this market correction is over.

You can feel free to hold as well.
交易進行: NANO retraced fully and will start to consolidate for its next move.

We are now at a good entry point. Feel free to buy in.

Here is the chart:
評論: NANO is close to finding its bottom, soon it will be a good buy (or rebuy and reload) to prepare for the next wave.
評論: NANO keeps on going down but there is good accumulation going on, you can tell by the positive divergence on the MACD 4h chart.

You can look for 0.00060 as the bottom, and lower than that for a very short term, after that we start to move back up.

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can you do an update for nano?
@mehdith75, We hit our stop loss a while back, we have to wait for the market to turn.


Any updates here?
+2 回覆
Update brother?
+1 回覆
@alanmasters Given what you said in your last update, do you still feel we are about to shoot up?
+1 回覆
@kperMan, We hit our stop loss, so trade gone.
@alanmasters wow, almost down 90 percent.
+1 回覆
its_leo nicobluey
@nicobluey, yeah even the entry point looks like a good target
+1 回覆
amen bro this gonna be a monster, patiencemy children
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