Siacoin (SC) Another Run (150% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Siacoin ( SC ) is always easy to trade and very profitable to us. Here goes another run.

Very easy. Buy, hold and sell when you are in profits.

Siacoin ( SC ) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy in: Up to 230

SC Targets:

(1) 242
(2) 277
(3) 305
(4) 333
(5) 373
(6) 425
(7) 550
(8) 630

Stop loss: 180

評論: Siacoin (SC) is moving into the positive.
評論: Please allow time for this trade to develop.

Siacoin (SC) upcoming event:

* OKEX will list SC/BTC, SC/ETH and SC/USDT pairs. - 11 June 2018.
評論: Strong bounce for Siacoin (SC), we are back on the move.
評論: Please visit my Siacoin (SC) LONG term trade for continued updates (long term updates):
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Along with MACD, there is Bullish divergence on the momentum indicator too with the price forming lower low but the momentum forming higher low.
Trend is expected to reverse soon, from downtrend to uptrend. This may be a good time to start accumulating.

I posted it in my analysis here:

Thank you sir for your efforts.

Iam holding it since it was 90 and keeping it for long time . Kindly give us your analysis and point of you to SC

Thank you again
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alanmasters DeyaaShurrab
@DeyaaShurrab, Thank you for the message. Appreciate the support.
Sia looking good to buy alan? Looks like it's trying to make an inverse head and shoulder bottom.
@vspectra, Check my SC long term trade.
please update
I think it will go this way

can you update alanmaster sir.... are going to 100 sats?
Feel free to reload Siacoin...i have loaded at 240
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